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Welcome to our Family Web site!

I will use this page to keep family and friends informed of current events.

This web site will also contain a family tree with Charles and Ann at the center and go forward and backwards as information is obtained.

Ann's Memorial

As a memorial to Ann please visit the following pages


Mass Program

Ann's Crypt


Teacher of the Year

Letter from Superintendent

Ceremony Program

Relay for Life

After Ann passed because of Lung Cancer, her best friend talked me into joining her Relay For Life team. Although I really didn't want to, I did because Linda was Ann best friend. After a couple of meeting, I really started to get into it. Then, at the Relay I got volunteered to help with the set up. I had a very good time. Ernest came into town that day and joined Linda and I at the Relay. After the wrap-up party, I told the Cancer Society rep, Mike, that I would be glad to take pictures since I had a high speed digital. Say no more - Last year I was on the Executive Committee as their photo historian. During the year, my girl friend, Tia, joined me as an assistant. This  year the same, only Tia is a full partner, not an assistant.


To raise money for the team that I am on, I am various items for sale, from needle point ribbons to cancer bears. Please click the Relay For Life link above to see what we have.


Picture of the Moment

Notes from Chuck/Charlie

Picture of the moment

These are some note and reflections on what is happening in my life. This is a good place to start.


On the family tree pages, if you are not familiar with the family, some of the links can be confusing. When in doubt, go to the Name Index to link to a particular name.

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